Get Organized.

Often my clients want to get more organized, be more in control, be more confident, and stop procrastinating… but they don’t have the tools to accomplish this.  

In addition to helping clients overcome these specific challenges, I enable each client to achieve personal growth overall as well as find and maintain a healthy balance of school, work, activities, volunteerism, etc. 

My coaching process includes the following steps:

  • Goal-setting

  • Organization (at home and school)

  • Time management

  • Using tools, i.e. to do lists and calendars

  • Responsibility

  • Attitude

  • Professionalism

Through this process, I prompt students to think about their big goals, break them down into smaller goals, and determine how they may get there.  We discuss: what are their strengths? Where can they improve?

Then we create a plan for moving forward.

Another important part of this process is realizing it's a process! It takes time and mistakes along the way are OK — even good! They increase self-awareness, teach us about ourselves, our abilities, and where we want to grow. Each day is a new day. I am here to support, encourage, and guide students to stay on track.  

I work one-on-one and through small group coaching with adolescents and young adults. I also speak on this topic to groups of students in middle school, high school, and college. 

If you are ready to level up in your strategies for organization and time management — or if you’d like me to lead a session on this topic for your class, cohort, or student body — please contact me


Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.
— Winston Churchill